Saturday, May 8, 2010

The power of books!

Ok so I picked Monsters in my room - I'm not completely happy with it... I kinda suck at drawing things that are scary, no matter how much I try they always seem to come out fat and cute.... It definitely needs some colour too, but I don't know how to colour the night - everything usually ends up just dark... Any advice would be much appreciated.

The story of this is basically in order to combat the monsters she's using books - there's one in there that says "how to combat the monsters in your head" trying to give it a funny edge ^_^

Anyway, hopefully this is the start of many posts ^_^


  1. Welcome aboard...I love the expression on her face...I am dying to see this colored....( I dont think the following makes sense but oh- well) for the night I would pick a nice desaturated navy or a dark cooler color as your hue and maybe you paint outward towards the edges and establish a light source in the middle between the two such as a night light. This would look like a visual tug a war between the monsters and the girl represented with light and a fun play on the negative space. Use contrast to est your first read and hard fall off fade into darkness. And a possible under light on your monster would look cool..( i told you this did not make sense) Good first post and did I tell you the drawing looks great.

  2. I really like the line work, very clean. I also want to mention, I love the "VS." composition. I'd love to see background, but I'm also thinking it looks good without I guess, don't listen to me, lol.

  3. very cool, like the character in the character lol j/k. Sorry Im a bad critiqer. It does remind me alot of those japanese brush stroke paintings, sumi I think. Anyway like the humor and that everything reads well and is clear, great job