Friday, May 7, 2010

fear attack

Maybe the worst fear is drowning... or maybe it's being pulled down by some monster in the depths. Either way, fear attacks and holds us back from our full potential. :O
so i realize this still needs a lot of work, but between this and my hidden kingdom as well as classes and a job, this is what I got so far. Based on the critiques from my original post for fear, I've changed the color scheme to match the mood better for the girl, and added the struggle that causes tension - a strange monster like an octopus.


  1. cool to see you back michelle, i see lots of improvement from the last one, definetly changed a lot of the mood, but i don't think the bright color of the sand is working well for the it. maybe some gradation from the foreground the backgound, also your background elements seem to be more of midground elements because of the detail, they also seem to be backlit, make sure you know where your light source is coming from, it should be pretty dark in the ocean.. also, exaggerate some of your forms, that way you'll get more of a dynamic piece. right now, everything is straight on, you could take the idea of this and make some changes to further the story and the struggle the girl is having. maybe a downshot might work or even an upshot. remember line width to show where the forms are taking place in the picture. for example, a thicker line on the octopus's tentacle would pop it out into the foreground. i think this should do for my two cents, cool work michelle, hey, you seem to be pretty good at illustrator, i think that medium would do well for this type of image.

  2. This gave me shivers - I hate the thought of drowning - especially being pulled down against my will! I love the little details like her mascara running but I think it would be nice to see more flow in her hair - the way you've coloured it is nice, how we're able to see the strands but it looks like strands in a block of hair... let your self take some of those strands out of the mould - she is under water after all... ^_^

  3. Great improvement over the last peice.