Monday, May 10, 2010

My Ariel

I wanted to be more done with it but I needed to post something, and whadda ya know, just in time! hopefully I can do some adjustments. this was my piece for Week 8's  "In the deepest depths of the ocean" I was working on it for that week but just didnt have time to finish.


  1. I love the tail! and a great job on the ocean surface, getting the movement and subtle, dappled light is tricky ^_^

  2. Thank you. I touched it up some since your comment.

  3. Joe I like this peice the comp is great. the only thing if I was going to be super critical which I am is the right arms transition into the sea weed looks alittle forced or I should say flat. A quick fix would be to warp the sea weed where she is sticking her arm through as if she is disrupting it. Great job thanks for participating.