Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rapidly Growing Growths

I saw this television special about "The Tree Man of Indonesia" and how he had growths all over his body. He would try and remove them, but they kept growing back. The idea that this things will never go away and you watch helplessly as your worldly vessel becomes overtaken by these unrelenting growths, to the point of no longer having use of you limbs, scares me.


  1. haha this ones awesome. I like what you did with the calendar and how the transformation is evident as the days pass.

    I must bring up the anatomy tho. Its not looking bad at all... but as ive mentioned before in older posts... try to watch out for the bending of the shins... it starts to look like the lower leg is broken and it ultimately makes the pose look a little awkward.

    Cool topic tho, keep it up Jeff

  2. Very disturbing...I like the way you made the drawing last a week, the progressing through time across the page is a good idea. I do agree with the shin Crit, but I do love the composition.

  3. The character is obviously stylized so the shins dont throw me off that much...I like the strong s-curve they create but that is my opinion. I really like his concern in the face he is looking at tha one good hand like "please stay normal"

  4. I saw that special too - scared me so much! I like how you've made it a time lapse - and serious detail on the growth - good expression in the face as well - he looks both scared and horrified!

  5. Freaky fear, man. That would be awful. I like your calender in the back, it's a nice touch. I can see you're really pushing the anatomy, which is great man. I'd say just watch that right arm, it looks a little long.

    cool idea. Ending up like the Tree Man would be...god...just awful!