Sunday, March 21, 2010

Darkness Within

This concept is based on the dark evil monster which lurks deep deep within ourselves. That monster who's existence is almost inevitable. The one that shows his ugly face every time we let the darkness take the wheel and drive us to do those things we all should steer clear off. Selfishness, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred. The dark side can be a very powerful force... and it certainly can destroy us. This is my worst fear.

On a side note i chose an angler fish because to me they are wicked cool and well they dwell in the darkness... waiting to lure they're pray in with their flashy lure... promising something good... consumption!!!! muahahah Anyway... it could use much more refinement and cleaning up (finals are preventing that). Critiques are appreciated.


  1. Eric,
    welcome to the blog good first post...i like comp I would recommend pushing the value and establishing where the light is comming from. after reading your comments it would have been nice to see you play off the lights and the darks using contrast to direct the eye. Nice shapes within the fish that really help the movement.

  2. oh please try to upload you image here so we can zoom in with out opening photobucket if possible.

  3. Very scary! I like in the composition how the monster is emerging from the right - I also like how the man is facing the other way - so we as an audience know more then him - creates great suspense ^_^

  4. Rad concept. I like the diagonal composition, it add a lot of movement and the fact you made the inner demon a lantern fish. Those things are pretty freak'n scary!

    I'd have to say though, I don't get the border around the would be cooler if you have red dashes going in towards the character or something. The pattern kind of breaks up the movement you have going on.

    Great piece, man. That lantern fish looks sick.

  5. cool erikeru :]
    the fish of legend is all i have to say