Saturday, March 20, 2010


Eh sorry if this submission is past the deadline...or too close to it. :(

My worst fear is drowning, so this is what I did in pencil and marker. Went with green and violet for the colors. I wish I could have done more however... :P

and sorry for poor quality, all i had was my camera phone to get this submitted :(


  1. Thats one of my worst fears as well! I like the effect of the hair ^_^

  2. Nice illustration. I like the look that you have going on in here, and I see such great potential in even having a stronger narrative. Maybe in your next piece, think of how you're going to be able to visually tell of a conflict such as this. Right now, she's drowning, but there aren't any obstacles or distance issues that are in the way. If you were perhaps to put something to get in the way, that would definitely show the possibility of drowning, or even increase the distance of the top of the shore from where she is.

    Nice piece overall though. Def want to see some more of your stuff. Continue the good work :).

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  4. thanks Greg, that was really great feedback; I will think of that with the next one... still don't really know what to do for mythology though; i would like to actually create my own mythological creature haha :P