Saturday, March 20, 2010

even worse than being put in the boo! box again...

My worst fear is that I will someday not be able to do what I love... to be " cut off " from the ones I love and what I love to do. I just watched a youtube video of Ollie Jonston ( ) I look at his hands, see how they shake... I wonder if the old master was able to continue to do what he loved... was he limited... trapped in the shell of the body he had... with a mind ready to create, but hands... hands that might have been limited... I hope to draw until I am in a pine box and six feet under... and if you were to dig me up, I would hope that you would find sketching on the inside of the box... But it is one of my worst fears...


  1. Love it. Great detail and energy, I dig diagonal design/graphical angles. I want to see it colored!

  2. Nice technical piece, nice line weight and texture on the face and blood splater. I like the angled frame for the composition, but I would like to see the finger tips and end of the butcher knife as well. Great craftsmanship, and nice to see another finished Ink piece. This stuff inspires me, great job.

  3. Great line work - and the black and white effect takes away some of the grossness ^_^

  4. The quality of line work on this is pretty far out. Very clean and thought out. Somehow this figure reminds me of dragon ball haha.

    I must admit tho... i feel the messsage in that i too would hate to not be able to do what i love. Being very involved with music and art... i use my hands a lot and well this illustration really makes me think of that possibility.

    I like the way you framed it... nice use of diagonals just like someone mentioned. The one thing ill be picky about would be the hand near his face... its a bit awkward in terms of the way the fingers turn and some of their placements. Like the detail work tho.

    Good stuff.

  5. Boo! Box. hahah.

    Nice ink job, man. Very clean. I love that expression...too funny. That hand in the FG looks really nice.