Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 27

Critical Update!!

Fill in the blank.....here is the deal. I want to continue this blog but cannot come up with the topics everyweek I need input from all of you to stay motivated and inspired. I want to leave it open to those who want to post the topic. The rule is as soon as Monday rolls around it could be midnight on Sunday (actaully 12:01am) and the first person to post the topic calls the shots for the following week. The rule is if you post and it is your topic if you dont post you get publically ridiculed or verbally pummelled ....well at least in cyber space by you fellow concept bloggers.

So with that being said who is gonna step up and post the next topic?

Dustin the site is begging for you to do a redesign

As a matter a fact if some one wants to do another banner feel free to have at it...the change would be welcome this is our forum. I would like to alternate the banner from time to time and have just a plain black background.

Oh yeah..Also no more deleting shit....I dont care when your post comes in as long as it gets done...in close proximity to the topic. Your narrative should be strong enough that we can discern which week it belongs too.

So let me know if you are on board.....and please spread the word to the other artist friends.

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