Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Concept for this Week

Okay Thomas and y'all, Iain McCaig gave us some great tips on design last week. In order to create new and fresh designs, Mr. McCaig says to combine elements that wouldn't usually go together. During his lecture on Saturday it blew my mind when he decided to mix a FORK with a dragon in order to completely mix things up. I was really impressed at the results of the guy that completed the design.

On that note, let's go with a familiar story, The Wizard of Oz. We need a new design for The Scarecrow. Combine the traditional design with......at the top of my head......any item(s) you might find in your kitchen....

Tell us the reasons for your designs and if you can, show or tell us your process. I'm excited to see what everyone creates.



p.s. I'm workin' on a banner

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  1. Love the redesign on the blog man. i think the darker background is really workin'.