Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Lion had joined them while this was going on: he looked very tired and sleepy, and his eyes were half shut. 'What's this!' he said, blinking lazily at Alice, and speaking in a deep hollow tone that sounded like the tolling of a great bell.

'Ah, what IS it, now?' the Unicorn cried eagerly. 'You'll never guess! I couldn't.'

The Lion looked at Alice wearily. 'Are you animal—vegetable—or mineral?' he said, yawning at every other word.

'It's a fabulous monster!' the Unicorn cried out, before Alice could reply.


  1. Love the look of this man. Really reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are haha. Love the texture also.

    As for the illustration itself, and the characters, as great as they look in my opinion, I feel a slight disconnection between the characters. I wouldn't have realized the Lion was yawning if I didn't read the text(Now it's obvious to me though), and the pose of the horse itself is rather stiff. I would love to see the Unicorn more animated in informing the Lion what it is, rather than just having one arm out and the other one placed rather passively on the hip. Also the Bishop looks like he's just wobbling up there.

    I feel this is a great illustration and love the look of it, but later I know you'll be able to give this more life! Keep up the nice work though Jeff.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Greg. I get what your saying about the passiveness of the characters, they are. As with the King (not a Bishop), he's meant to be wobbly. In the chapter, he feared the Lion and Unicorn and was shaking simply being near them. Interesting that I invoked that phrasing.

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  4. I like this piece I think you addressed the narative you posted well. I enjoy the overall muted color pallette works nice. At the top of the page there is a small tangent where the top of the unicorns horn hits the top of the page as well as the lions visible foot seems to kissing the table I think overlapping or determining the ground plain would help the flow of the eye and est depth. I think value shifts or a decernable light source would help. Great texture great post overall thanks.

  5. great job man, liking the look of the characters, and the way you rendered this piece, looks like a page torn out of a classic fairy tale.

    Looking at this criticaly Id like to see at least one visible leg grounding the unicorn, could be me, but it kind of looks like he is floating. Also I would consider adding a diagnol foregound element next to the king, not sure what but hes vertical lines kind of lead my eye off the page. Id also consider giving the characters some space between the border of the page, those tangents seem to take the focus from where I assume would be alice.

    Other than great work man, looking forward to seeing future posts

  6. I really really like this one, as the others said, it has awesome color tone and it looks like a rendering right out of a classic childrens novel. I do feel like the lion could be more expressive, dont get me wrong, it works I just feel like he looks a bit like he's playing craps... and about to blow on the dice before he rolls em.... c'mon baby ...dady needs a new pair of lion shoes...

  7. I thought it was great before the color, but you really improved it. I also get the "where the wild things are" feeling. I also really like the perspective, I think you did great with that having no background.