Saturday, February 27, 2010

Make Sure You Take Care Of Mr. Stuffins

BY KEH_TAI!!!! (He hasn't gotten an invite yet so i'm posting his picture for him)
"Take care of Mr. Stuffins or he'll take care of you!"


  1. Crud Keh-Tai. This thing is scary!!!

    I love that you went comic-book on this!

  2. Thanks luv, I was excited for Swanigan's class, so i kinda just wanted an excuse to use a comic book layout.

  3. good post please watch your image size ....maybe alittle more change in the bear's state from panel to panel like the first shot being an est of a normal bear. the narative is there i would of liked to see a bigger leap or dramatic morphing were invited to post the invite was sent too

    by greag some time ago I resent it to that address.

  4. Yeah, I got the e-mail now. For some reason it didn't go through the first time but sometimes my e-mail is wacky. Thanks

  5. Yeah I agree with Tom, I'd love to see a bit more of a dramatic transformation, but I love how the bear gets up as it's tearing apart. Perhaps having the boys head on the bottom of the last panel?

    Great to see you posting though dude.

  6. Thanks man, I'll prob go back and do that when i get some time, and add some more panels. Good Crit, thanks.