Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I really wanna color him, but here he is, ladies!

After being captured by his nemesis Brett Buffbrain, Professor Diabolical had no choice! To avoid a lengthy prison term, he programed robots to graft his brain onto a Tyrannosaurus Rex (leftover from a previous adventure). Unfortunately, the Professor's brain could not operate the motor and lower brain functions of his new partner, so they now share a glass brain case, while the now even more fearsome super villain controls higher thought, improvised human speech and facial expression.


  1. This is great, I really like this concept. I think this image is great, but for this idea a more human pose would be funny, If funny is the direction you're going for. I can't help but think this should be in the Powerpuff Girls!

  2. I like your dino's smiling mug!!!!