Sunday, August 22, 2010

this week was a hard one

I wanted to do something in the way of Myazaki and failed!


  1. actually tom this came out pretty nice :], you're good at color, i think they would be brighter though if it was miyazakiesque. but i like your brush strokes and the minimal detail used on some forms to describe depth. although, i do think there should be more of an environment, because he can be mistaken for a miyazaki crucifix.

  2. I actually think it would look like a scarecrow that Miyazaki would do. The design concept is cute; however, I have to agree with John. It looks more like a crucifix than something that would hold up the scarecrow. Maybe if you had like a rake or pitchfork in the ground with the handle sticking into the scarecrow to prop it up. Other than that I think it turnned out great =)