Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Straw Ward

Wanted to give mine a bit of badass. I really like the three amigos of the OZ stories. For some reason, I thought it would be cool if the scarecrow had been a massive figure, watching over miles of fields.


  1. Forgot to mention my inspiration for the poncho was a dirty dish towel hanging on my stove.

  2. Hmm, It's a bit dark for my taste but maybe thats what you're going for it does create great drama. Well maybe its not too dark, cuz you have the highlights and midtones and I can SO tell whats going on. The story is very obvious with the angle. I LOVE the SKY colors BAD ASS! Okay blue and orange are my fav scheme but its still cool anyways. Oh jeeze I just realized how big it is with the birds, nice Colossus.

  3. I love the concept of a giant scarecrow. I'm curious though, HOW dirty and old is that dishtowel you own :)
    The sky looks good. I enjoy the daytime to nighttime transition, or approaching storm. Some more detail in the joints and the hills could add some overall strength. It could really look fun with some motifs and designs from the mexican culture. Push the amigo idea further. I like the use of the fork. Reminds me of a pitch fork, which ties into the idea of a scarecrow being filled with hay.
    The light source you've established could provide a really nice rim light. By changing the angle to an upshot or downshot as well as some atmospheric perspective could emphasize his size.
    Awesome start man!

  4. nice work, really like the colors your working with, I would think about adding some more scale cues on the bottom, maybe some trees that shrink in the distance or something. The birds flying around the head feel really cool, I picture them using the rim of the hat like a telephone line, or maybe on the shoulders. Great job man, keep up the good work