Monday, August 9, 2010

New Topic?

Great posts everyone and great suggestions Dustin. I've been a ghost away from the machine myself but NOT anymore. I want to better my skills through this blog. I love the time frame challenge. I posted a pic way back when we did Mother goose and it took like 3hrs obviously a bit more if I did a BG but I think it can be fully rendered in a week or at least I think we should challenge ourselves to get that fast!

So with the abyss of participation and it being Monday I'd like to suggest we do(I hope we didn't already) a mix of Technology and Fantasy that tell a story with the piece... that makes sense visually without an essay behind it.

I think since technology was discussed I've notice movies in particular have become obsessed with technology and the flashy flash of CG while completely forgetting about story, thus producing crap! So from stories come fantasy. So lets try some o'd schoo' fantasy or mythos with an element of modern tech!

What does we thinks?

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