Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WEEK @@ ooopps I meant 22!

This topic is probably gonna have a part two attached to it. It was suggested by one of our participants that we do an interpretation of what Heaven would look like....this could be spiritually...metaphorically.... utopia...or puffy clouds....it is all open game since we have no real reference to look at....one thing please make it epic and in the next week or two there may be a glimpse into hell as the part two of this topic.

SO try to stray from the negative in this one there will be an opportunity to address the other side of the spectrum in the weeks to follow.....so have fun and remember.....skies the limit....see you in the after life :)

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  1. for those of you that dont believe in a heaven or the concept of ...use your imagination to create a paradise or utopia and call it what you want!!!!