Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here's my late post for big and small... sorry it took so long. I know the anatomy is off... but it was more cartoony based. I'll try to post on time for the haunted one :P


  1. Because it is your first post i will let it slide but from now on try to make the deadline.

    Crits....even though it is a cartoony piece there is issues with perspective and anatomy that make it distracting for me to enjoy..for instance my fav part is the girl sitting on the hand and her eyes has issues there is way to muxh space on the right side that would be corret if the whole head was turned but everything would be shifted. I am a fan of axis or center lines in your sketch it is an easy way to make sure you are drawing everything correct. Watch the tangent with the mans thumb and his face. Dont vary between sketchy drawing and solid lines with this style it would be best to stick with solid and graphic shapes example of the is under his hand the sketchy lines compared to solid line on the top part of the arm. One looks way better that the other. CTRL Z will be your best frined until you hit that one line that is fluid and serves the purpose. I would try to define a light source and stick to it....but other than that good start..get your next piece done earlier so you can make adjustments based on crits thats what will help your designs.

  2. alright thanks tom. Yeah I'll try to get the next one in on time. I almost forgot about perspective ^_^... I'll make sure I nail it for the haunted house.

  3. I think Tom said is all - but I really love the sky, the clouds look fantastic!