Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fire fly

Well here it is for the topic this week Fire fly! (not the movie though)
anyhow back in the day I used to look out through jungle at night and saw this firefly. Its awsome! cause all I see its dark shadow of jungle and the only thing that light up its a firefly.
Its so small but alway shine in big dark jungle! its inspire me!
anyhow the painting its not done (heh heh and its portfolio final) (everyone have a final) i need to put more story to it : /
(I keep using "anyhow" man!) sorry for bad English
Well for the picture I hope everyone its like a firefly or a star, even though its small but people all over, can see them in a BIG! sky


  1. I love this peice it is beautiful her face and the lighting looks great. My only crit is that the right leg looks a bit long and a bit forced to hit the water. You should spend a little more time on her foot that is showing she has a pretty face but ugly feet maybe a peticure jk! besides you said you were not done yet! great work

  2. i really like the concept and the pose of girl. i agree with tom about the right leg seeming a bit long. the lighting came out well; cant wait to see this finished :D

  3. Lovely! I really love the way you were able to allude to so much detail with such a subtle colour pallet - nice job ^_^