Monday, June 7, 2010

big n small fiesta!

Jason the Bunny Boy:
big boy in a small carrot-filled world. he loves his little bunny and he has many more in the drawers of his carrot bed! (this was done by myself and chewy)

Big Panda and Little Bunny:
yep yep.


  1. just wanted to say that i have gotten everyone's suggestions about painting and whatnot, but as it is with finals week pouncing upon us i haven't really found the time to check tutorials out yet :P well next quarter should be better... i hope o.O

  2. That is great news I can see progress in your work. Please refrain from posting your thumbnails or roughs unless they are the progress for the piece you completed for the blog...thanks

  3. I like the ideas in this - the pineapple bed is great! I like the colours to ^_^