Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not the Last Fight

In every collesseum, every fighter meets their last match. This isn't hers, quite yet.

I haven't painted in awhile...pretty sure it shows. Okay, let the critiscicm roll.


  1. Nice monster. This is composed extremely well, too. Every form that leaves the frame, brings your eye right back in with the follow through. Like the subtlety of her left arm showing kinetics, giving us the sense that she's still alive (the caption helps with that, too).
    It looks good rough, but I think taking it out of that stage is the only thing you can do to improve it.

  2. Nice work. For some reason, my attention is drawn right away on the monster's eyes. A hint of cast shadow underneath the monster would make it appear grounded (assuming that it is sitting dead on the ground).

  3. nice but I think that girl is almost dead it looks as if the dragon is still alive, could be just me but it looks as if the dragon is still standing literally, either xv suggest to fix or just paint the sky or floor a different color to look like seperate space..