Monday, April 19, 2010

WEEK 10 Topic 4-19-10 to 4-26-10

Well I have to say we did not solve anything in the battle for supremacy between Ninjas n Pirates...I declare it a pun intended!!

This Weeks topic is a little different I want everyone to take a stab at an enviroments, I dont want to give too much direction so you can get as creative as you would like, the topic is "Hidden Kingdoms"

It can be a lost kingdom or any literal or fictious place as long as you can justify it with in the context of the topic. In the future there will be other enviroment assignments with more direction but I wanted to keep this first one loose and see what you guys come up with this week. So there is a lot left for interpetation. Good luck

Also as always please feel free to email me with topic ideas...PEACE OUT!

Oh yeah dont forget to drop feedback on peoples past posts esp if they updated it would be appreciated!

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