Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok I made subtle changes. Forgot to post earlier before going to church where I discovered that I am a heathen. Now I feel like the Siren lol.

Hey guys,

This is my first posting on this blog. I'm gonna update this. Initially I was going for a mermaid concept but decided to go with the Siren idea since they devour their victims.


  1. nice start a little more paint over to sell it but I like where you are going with it....welcome sir

  2. I would like to see alittle more painting on this is seems a little filter heavy...if you are going to use filters try to disguise them so others dont know how you achieved that effect. It is the same for using the update it seems as the cracks dont follow the anatomy and flatten out the could be fixed with the blur tool or a simple paint over.

  3. Yeah agree with tom. Really sell the idea of the Siren. Perhaps painting over the shirt seeweed, or fish skin or something to really tell us it's a siren lol.