Friday, April 9, 2010


tried to make some minor adjustments..crits please


  1. This needs a caption - like "beware what lurks in the deep" ok thats lame... but you get the idea ^_^ Love the lighting!

  2. only thing that kind of seems off is on your fish the right side of the jaw is sticking out when i think it should be receded more because of the perspective. and maybe darken the left eye a bit, not sure if the light from the diver would hit that side of its face. but its cool mr.brillante, reminds me of the life aquatic :]

  3. I like what you did in your later elephant jelly post, I wonder what this image would become if you merged the two... stylistically at least... imagine the bright contrasting colors against a dark bacground... then what happens to those colors when a flashlight lightsource is introduced... might be interesting!