Monday, March 1, 2010

WEEK THREE 2/28/10

***no more week two post they will be deleted is about the deadlines too**
All right this weeks topic is based on a classic tale of literature we will be illustrating a portion of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" The rules are for this week are simple below you will find a link to the entire story. Please pick a scene or a few sentences and base your work on your interpetation of what you read. Be sure in the text of you post to reference the part of the story you are illustrating.

I choose this theme in honnor of the movie that is comming out next week, there is plenty of inspiration out there btw Gallery Nucleus has a show dedicated to the movie. You can see some work online. Try to push orginallity in your own design.

Btw watch you image size try to keep your post no more that 15 inches wide so when we zoom in we can read the whole image. Also try to post by the deadline before Sunday in the the new topic will go up Sundays in the morning.

Good luck...


  1. Hey, to have the image fit completly on the screen when opened what dpi are people using?

  2. Oh, and here are some "off the top of my head" blog names:

    - Concept of the Week
    - Crap Thrown Together in a Week
    - Ingenious! It was Done in a Week or just Ingenious!
    - Here it is!
    - "Look What I Did Mommy."
    - Conceptius Maximus!
    Whatever it is throw an exclimation mark at the end of it. That always adds an uber amount of intensity!

  3. Lets put some more title sugestions there and then vote but I do agree with the exlimation point!!!!!!

    When I am finsihed with my image I save for "web and devices" then I re-open the new file because it is usally sized to 72 dpi...but it is like 30 inches default and I adjust image size to about 15 inches wide then control S and whammo you are done!!

  4. Yeah the size of mine are usually 7-10 inches but with 300 dpi. Guess I don't need it since we're not printing them out lol.

    Really likin the Look What I Did Mommy!

    Just to throw it in

    Weekly Sketch Up
    Topic A Week, Give A Critique(Think this would go good as more of a slogan though)

  5. critical junction
    pencil mileage
    keep pushing
    create 2 devistate
    made you look

  6. What's wrong with conceptsWeekly as the title? I rather like it. I vote for "ConceptsWeekly!!!"

  7. how about
    - drawn together
    - pixel movers
    - concept creations
    - concept boot camp

    Im bad at names, kind of partial to dustins "look what I did mommy" lol, create to devistate sounds cool to. then again Im inclined to agree with chris on concepts weekly.