Monday, March 8, 2010

Tell Me I Can't

With the subject matter, I felt a great urge to do something for this week.

Tell me that I can't. Tell me that I won't become something great. Tell me that I'm wasting my time, or I'm thinking too big. Tell me that I need to be practical and realistic. Tell me that I won't amount to anything. Tell me that I'm ordinary. Please tell me all of this, because then I will do any and everything within my power to prove you wrong, and then I will reach what I've worked so hard to achieve and I will stand tall and look upon a view that you can never fathom. Never in your entire lifetime.

Update: Made the fixes. Thanks guys.


  1. you can't...

    lol I'll leave real feedback when I get the time haha.

  2. I really like it, looks frazetta inspired. The textures and colors are very nice.

    It seems a little dark to me, all the darks defiantly set off that light in the sky, but Id like to see a little more variation in hes torso and the foreground rocks. Im being rather picky, overall I think it reads well.

    Very nice post, glad you made it in

  3. Funny I got the Frazetta vibe from this too....There seems to be some issues with the anatomy on the forearm that is not lifted to the sky as well as the shadow on the stomach is too dark it reads as if there is a major cavity there. Lighten up and address some of the upward plains that would be receiving light and that will fix that. overall good start of many more to come Mr Logan!!!

  4. yeah this is a cool piece, it looks like an old conan book cover has sex with the DOOM game cover and had a baby, which is a compliment btw lol. There are however a few anatomical issues i see with the figure overall, and the intense dark on the stomach area is a little too dark, like mister brillante pointed out. Perhaps lighting up that area a bit and addressing some of the plains that would receive light on some of the abdominal muscles would do nicely. I do really enjoy how well the piece reads though.

  5. oh yeah one other thing id like to see is a more intense look on his face, like this is a very intense moment, he looks blank or somewhat bored.

  6. For the remake.. I'd make the area directly underneath the rib cage the same value as underneath the chest, and then have the transition of it get light as the stomach comes back outwards... The right side of the chest is also a bit longer than the left.. this makes it look like the left side of the chest has been lifted rather than stretched(Also the fact that the chest looks like it's still pinched even though it's stretching, add an S curve to emphasize that). Also remember that the chest ties inbetween the deltoid and biceps, but it doesn't really look like it's actually tying in between the two, but rather just ending abruptly...

    Other than that nice piece dude.. Keep on working on the vignette of it, It's coming out good.. Other than some anatomical problems, the entire piece is nice. Great to see you posting man. (Dope signature btw hahaha)

  7. epic! that right just keep moving forward! (ME TOO!)
    nice composition from the chin to the hand and then to the blue hand leaching to sky. The picture do tell you story!