Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pencil Warrior


  1. This is really fun and creative. The only item that I can see to point out are the tangents of the left hand sword and the leg. I like the checkered shirt. What's the story behind this pic?

  2. like how you considered the characters clothing and overall composition. Its got a finished look to it, I think I would push it a little further with more form shadows in the pants and torso and cast shadows for the belt and armpit like you did on the neck, and probably one for the figure its self. Id also consider making the glasses with transparent lenses or a simple gradient. I really like it and give it two thumbs up. I assume you are the pencil warrior, given this weeks topic, I agree with dustin would be nice to see other visual narrative elements or a brief description on the backstory.

  3. Looking cool so far!
    Some notes I would look at would be on the Face: looks like your cramming in features where you have space as a result of the hair being down. Try constructing it out a bit more.
    Watch your Form and Function, with the Pencil Swords, the Hand guards are too flat, add some roundness to 'em.

    Over all great concept I'm digging the idea! :)

  4. Hey Dustin. Well there's a lot of stuff crammed in here...

    I LOVE comic books so I have a Harley Quinn pattern shirt, fake Batman Belt and Plastic Man's goggle-glasses on my head. (haha) I ALWAYS wake up with only one sock on (i'm wierd, I sleep with my socks on) so I put a sock on my character. I also LOVE japanese culture so that's why my pencils are swords (also I used to chew on my pencils when I was little and they would get as bad as the red one lol), and the books around me are the sketchbooks I have conquered! Woo!

    HaHa I just tried to have some fun with it, but making a strong piece is important to me. If I find some time i'll go back in there and add some stronger shadows. Fun times! Fun times!


  5. I like it more now after reading your last post

  6. haha. I sometimes sleep with my socks on too. I'll usually pull them off right before falling asleep. I pull them off with my toes so there are probably some still hidden beneath the covers :)
    In a variation of this piece it would be fun to see your characature stabbing the pencil sword dramatically into the sketchbooks with a very intense facial expression.

  7. I love the exaggeration of all the art relate objects in this. I also think the little sharpie like brush edges near the feet make this look that bit much more cartoony. Although if I must find something to critque, your left arm looks a tad bit smaller than the left lol. You should include Keh Tai as a your little sidekick. I can see him as a little mogwai with a jerry curl pineapple top.

  8. Hello

    Here are my 2 cents...

    I really dig this image especially the art style and direction which certainly helps bring mood. I dig the way you used marker-like strokes to fram in the focal point an the pencil warrior gets a clear message across considering what we are doing here haha. The one thing that seems to be a bit off is the way that the right leg of the character is positioned... its hard to see but specifically from the foot to the knee it seems to be off in terms of where the knee is and how the shin is seemingly bending to reach the position of the foot... i know im being super picky but if you really start looking at it you realize that that part of the leg is "broken". The foot should go forward a little which in turn will fix the bendy shin to a straight non broken one. lol ive had this happen to me a bunch thats the only reason why im pointing it out. I really like this piece tho... nice one

  9. Very cool, very Disney. I love the composition, with the use of the face faded in the back. I also like the use of drawing tools as weapons. Always enjoy seeing your posts.