Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't want to be alone....

A lot of people have fears and phobias but, most of them end with the same result, an even bigger fear, Death, Not just death but the fear of dying, or dying alone. No friends no family, no one to care.


  1. I geuss I'll try to particapate this week I barely found out about this forum 2 weeks ago

    Oh yeah looks pritty good Joe

    -Joseph C

  2. Nice summary of your fear.

    Although I don't really get the feeling that he's alone... I feel like he knows he's in the room and is scared by that lol.

    Anatomically, the nose looks flat because of how it's covering little of the far eye. Also the eye itself looks flat as it doesn't really look like the eye lids are wrapping around the eyeball itself. The neck looks super short too, as there are no wrinkles and the trapezius looks like it's cutting into the neck lol. I know these are small little things and you have a time limit so therefore this can't be perfect, but to me the easiest things to critique are anatomy problems hahaha. :P

  3. I agree with crits above, I think that thier may be other ways to sell the solitude of dying alone good job still posting on finals week.