Friday, February 26, 2010

Tossing n turning

Tried to fix sort of


  1. First Thank you for Add!
    Nice drawing! look like the person who sleep it having a roller skate ride lol. Maybe add some moonlight coming out from window so that our eyes can focus on.

    Thank you again!

  2. haha looks like pee wee's bed, cool sketch though. I think it would have been cool to have the bed with a gnarly looking mouth and jagged teeth and he was using his tongue to flip the guy into its mouth.

  3. I know why I thought it was going to eat it. It's also because of the brows, it looks mad but the eyes themselves read it being more laid back. Plus with the poles on the ond being spiky that only read it was more aggressive.

    For the piece as a whole, since you pretty much have the bed's face almost facing entirely towards us, I think distorting some more of the furniture and perspective lines in the room would give it a much more cartoony, illustrative look to it.

    But the thing I like the most has to be ... the drowsy eyes.

  4. The perspective of the back wall doesn't match or seperate from the perspective of the bed to give the viewer a clear understanding of space. There is some pers. lines that read as stylized but not everything has it. Overall, I love the concept and when I enlarged it and saw the teddy bear's expression....i had to laugh quite loudly in the production lad. lol I think that is my favorite part...its a fantastic tidbit for the viewer when they look a little closer.

  5. Love the characters in this one, that bed seems evil with a purpose. Also like the feeling of movement in this one. It looks as though you might have some perspective issues in the bed, I think its that horizontal lines on the back wall that are bugging me. Also the planes on the night stand seem a little to close in value. Other than that really liking the style and expression of the characters

  6. I like the alarm clock. If you could give the outside more color I think it'll work better, cause to me it looks awkward with mostly gray tones with the added rays of yellow light. I think the darkening of the side of the bed works nicely with the composition though