Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Female Gunman

THE YOUNG WOMAN was taken in by her UNCLE after the death of her father and mother to "HIS" hands. She's grown up after surviving her battle wounds, as she too barely made it out alive. She now wields weapons of her and her uncle's designs. Not only is she battling against "Him," but she's battling for the freedom of her brainwashed TWIN BROTHER, who "He" controls.

Recommended process: Design the thumb-nails of all of them and flesh out the best of characters/environment. Establish time periods, target audience, and final platform, or medium (design with the end in mind).


1. The Young Woman: Must be "Young" in appearance (I'm cool with Vampire or elf like age); It's up to you if she knows if her twin brother is alive or not (does she know she's fighting her brother?) Remember battle scars. Has she lost anything besides her parents? (Is one of her arms mechanical? Perhaps an eye patch? Or just visible scarring? )

2. The Uncle: Must be older than young woman (Maybe close to the same age? How would that change the dynamics?) An inventor, or designer of sorts. Does he have a strange process for designing? Sketches all over (clichéd) or through 3-d? (Maybe cheesy After Effects videos). Does he too have battle wounds? Doesn't have to be a true uncle ("Just call me uncle Jeff").

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The female Gunman (cont.)

3. "Him": Mysterious evil dude. Try combining him with some animal that might be considered evil. (Rat, hyena, cat, clichéd snake, an evil chicken, a hell-moose, a fish, ect. Whatever, just have the finish evil). Why is he mysterious? Give him a tinge of crazy (Does he dress like a woman? Why? Those are lady's clothes. Is cotton really that uncomfortable?) or a flawed philosophical belief (“He” some how believes it’s okay to kill people, or at least steal and brainwash infants) Something must be wrong with him.

4. The Twin Brother: Should be the same age as the Young Woman (unless you can convince otherwise; time traveling brother who lost his memory and found by “Him”?) Was he harmed during the incident also? Does the Young Woman know the relationship? Are they fraternal or identical twins? Why doesn’t he want to fight on the side of his sister? (Is he completely under the control of “Him” or does he strongly believe in “He” to be the real hero? Or Does he not know they’re related, why? Scars or does the young woman’s costume not reveal her face?)

DON’T create the parents, they’re flat characters. (Unless you really want to show there deaths. You sick m#@%&#$ F$)$er.)

For the environment folks: Uncle’s lab, “His” lab, The young girl’s or twin brother’s training ground, The destroyed family home (probably easier to design the undestroyed home and then destroy it). Sorry, I’m a character guy, environments are a bit strange to me. Argg! I’m too wordy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

GOW 3 Event

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking for Crits

Here is a character design I'm working on. I need some direction on where to go from here. I've also got his sword here. Need crits on that too. Thanks. Oh and that last image is the first picture of our soon-to-be kid :)


Friday, October 15, 2010